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The History of One Society...

Scott Graham - Owner , One societyWouldn't it be nice if we lived in a world where charity and philanthropy were simple and transparent? For years, I was frustrated with having to go to multiple websites for information about where I could volunteer; what organizations I should donate to; or whether or not I could TRUST charities that were soliciting me to make a donation to their cause. As I began to discuss my frustrations with other people, the more I found that I was not alone. In fact, I learned that there are lots of goodhearted individuals that want to get involved with charity in a number of ways, but they just needed a sense of direction and guidance in order to actually contribute in a manner that is effective and focused.

As a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and computer programmer, I knew that there had to be a better way to connect individuals like myself to one another, so that we could collectively impact society in a way that is user friendly and not so complicated, frustrating, and yes... at times, deceiving. As a result, I created One Society to help people live a more charitable, fun, engaging, and socially conscious lifestyle.

It is my hope and lifelong passion to help people connect and develop personally, professionally, and philanthropically. I encourage you to sign up today and support this socially conscious movement.


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Scott A. Graham

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Review detailed information on over 1.4 million charities;
allowing you to donate more intelligently

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Network with other philanthropic minded individuals

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Find your passion with opportunities to volunteer and
attend charitable events in your community

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Earn your One Society Ambassador certificate by
taking our online eLearning course

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Support socially responsible businesses

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Receive up to date information on the
latest trends in philanthropy

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One society - Generation Y

Generation Y

  • Passionate about social causes
  • Highly educated group
  • Unemployed with debt and confused
One society - Corporations


  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Increase consumer appeal
  • Support the People, Planet, Profit business model
One society - Colleges


  • Better overall engagement for both students and alumni
  • Provide more tangible experiences and civic opportunities
One society - Non-profits


  • Need better ways to engage and retain donors
  • Lacking the technology to attract younger donors
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